It’s a bloggy blog world

Multimedia Production

Here’s to the beginning of a brand spanking new blog!

As a hands on learner, I’m really looking forward to practicing and adding my own flare to the concepts I am studying. I expect to gain more experience writing for the web, creating digital media content and blogging.

Anticipating myself gaining this knowledge eases my stress about entering the work force in two short years!

Photography is one skill that I’m particularly looking forward to! My fascination with pictures began in middle school and I’m currently on a disposable camera kick. I hope to get better at framing and balancing elements.

Last summer I spent some time taking photos with one of my good friends, Laurel. She has some mean camera skills and just launched her photography website

After college, I plan to get a job in public relations. Chatting with veterans in the field has lead me to understand the value in being a well rounded candidate. This inspires me to hone in on my work for this class and sharpen my multimedia skills.

As far as the the content of this blog, I think it will be an accurate reflection of me: scatterbrained. In a charming way?

My love for the outdoors leaves me wanting to explore Wyoming. I’ve spent time in the Snowy Mountain Range and Vedauwoo and want to expand my horizons to the rest of the state. I’m considering creating a post on the best outdoor activities in Wyoming.

Wildflowers bloom in Medicine Bow National Forest in July, 2018.

I’ve also always been curious about sustainability, but don’t know a ton about it. Reporting on the effectiveness of sustainability efforts on the University of Wyoming campus sounds right up my alley. This idea could also extend to current events and politics.

Additionally, I’m sure there will be a mix of posts about music, home decor and baked goods.

The smorgasbord of all blogs!

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