Photojournalist in the Making

Multimedia Production

My Top 5 Journalistic Photos

Timmy’s Turn
Special Olympics athlete, Timmy Frazier, pencil-dives into a pool of ice cold water on Saturday. Frazier took the plunge in 30°F Laramie weather at the 2019 Jackalope Jump in order to raise money for Wyoming Special Olympics.

After hearing about this event from a friend, I was confident that I could get some unique and interesting photos. The element of water played a part in this shoot that I was yet to experience. I had to stay a ways away from the pool for safety reasons and to keep my camera dry. The rule of thirds used in this photo makes it aesthetically pleasing – plus it’s a super fun one! I felt lucky to capture such a special moment.

No Pain – No Gain
University of Wyoming wide receiver, CJ Johnson, winces as David Milam dry-needles his sprained ankle in the High Altitude Performance Center on Friday. Johnson partakes in dry-needling on a weekly basis in hopes of speeding up the recovery process.

David Milam routinely comes in on Fridays to needle athletes so I stopped by the training room to see if I could capture a sports feature photo. The mood was tense because Johnson was in a good amount of pain while being needled. I felt a little insecure and odd taking pictures of someone experiencing such discomfort, but managed to quickly get a picture exemplifying leading lines.

The Annual Scan
JJ Chen, University of Wyoming tennis player, holds still for her annual dexa scan on Sunday in Laramie. The scan provides information about bone density and muscle mass, both vital pieces of information for the UW sports medicine team.

This was one of the easier pictures to capture because Chen was already so still. I was informed that the machine in the photo was similar to an x-ray, only more powerful. I didn’t want to ask, but I was secretly worried that the rays would interfere with my phone/camera and break it somehow. Fortunately the phone is still in one piece! As far as the picture, I like the way the color of her shirt stands out against the table.

Witty Winn
Nick Winn cracks a joke to a Jackalope Jump volunteer on Saturday as he selects his complimentary shirt. This was Winn’s second time participating in the Laramie polar plunge, not having participated since 2015.

After hearing about the Jackalope Jump, I tried to brainstorm photos I could take other than the actual jump. I thought it might be cool to capture an image of someone registering and anticipating the plunge. After asking if I could stand behind the volunteer’s table, I was feeling bit awkward. The pictures I was taking of Winn were coming out blurry because of the lack of natural light and then – AhHa! – he made a joke and I was able to capture a more interesting photo with emotion and the rule of thirds.

Carson at the Computer
University of Wyoming Olympic Sports Nutritionist, Shae Carson, reviews a student athlete’s body fat percentage on her computer monitor Sunday in Laramie. Carson uses previous measurements in order to evaluate the effectiveness of diet and training.

After doing some studying on campus, I saw that the athletic nutritionists were in the building. I decided to pop my head in and was pleasantly surprised to see them working on the body fat scans. Photographing older professionals was definitely out of my comfort zone and I feel more confident with this shoot under my belt. This photo uses balance as the creative device.

That’s a Wrap!

I expected to feel pretty awkward photographing strangers. That held true! I consider myself to be outgoing, but this assignment was undeniably nerve-wrecking. Looking back, I think I would prepare more. My lack of planning mixed with the stress of shooting strangers in a new environment left me with average photos. With more preparation I should be able to attain a more complex top 5!

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