Tweets for The Two Tracks

Multimedia Production

Armed with a dated iPhone 6 and portable charger, I headed to the Wyoming Union Gardens for my first live tweeting experience on Thursday, April 18, 2019. Two folk rock bands were set to hit the stage that night; The Two Tracks of Sheridan, Wyoming was headlining and The Locals opened.

David Huebner, Julie Szewc, and Taylor Phillips of The Two Tracks play a song from their latest album “Postcard Town” at the Wyoming Union Gardens in Laramie, Wyoming, last Thursday.

My goal for the night was to create at least 10 quality tweets from a public relations standpoint and post at least one video from the concert. I was able to reach both goals in a span of about two hours. The live tweets from the concert can be found on my twitter profile!

I plan to pursue a job in public relations after college so I thought promotional live tweeting would be good practice. While comprising the tweets, I did my best to offer valuable information, but still connect with and foster a good relationship with my publics. In this instance my main public was college aged students who enjoy live music, although the audience was narrowed because I was tweeting from my personal account.

The live tweeting experience went pretty smoothly for me, but there were a few awkward moments. First off, I felt slightly out of place at the event, which surprised me as I’m extroverted. Most of the audience members were in full concert mode – sipping on craft beers and socializing with each other. Then there was me, sitting in the front row with my eyes glued to my phone screen. Fortunately, I became more comfortable as the bands jammed on.

On the flip side, I found myself happy about the awkwardness when reflecting on the event. I’m not typically one to attend events, especially concerts, on my own. This assignment allowed (shoved) me out of my comfort zone which is something I really value! Although, next time, I may take a seat more towards the back.

Live tweeting is a very practical skill in the public relations field so I’m gad I got a little practice in. I plan to use this skill and others to emphasize an online professional presence on various social media outlets. This is so important because of how much you can engage with your followers!

Next time, I would do two things differently. The first, I would interview someone who helped organize the event and secondly, practice using the application beforehand. I hadn’t logged on in a long while and accidentally tweeted one of my tweets as a reply to The Two Tracks’ twitter page so it only shows up under the “Tweets and Replies” tab.

In sum, here’s what I learned:

  1. It’s okay to be the werido on their phone in the front row, no one is looking at you anyway.
  2. Randomly live tweeting an event on your personal account will result in some confused friends and followers.
  3. Do your research on the event beforehand in order to make the actual tweeting smooth.
  4. Ask yourself, “Would I stop scrolling to read my tweet?”

Although I was unable to include any memes and gifs in my series of Tweets, it was a lot of fun documenting a night of Americana/folk rock! Hopefully I’m able to apply this new skill in the future.

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