Insta Promo


My professional instagram account: @jackieamcbridecomm

After hearing that we were able to create some digital media content to promote our past blog posts, I was thrilled! I’ve always enjoyed messing around on different online graphic generator, and now I was able to do it for an assignment!

Prior to this assignment, I had used Canva to create invitations and programs. As far as Instagram, i had never used it professionally, but regularly posted on a personal account.

I think consistency on an Instagram feed is really important from a promotional standpoint. Although I don’t follow this rule on my personal account, i know I take organizations that douse this tactic way more seriously. I implemented this strategy by making all of my posts use the same fonts and colors, but switched up the layout of the posts.

A look at my professional Instagram profile – the follower count could use some work!

Even though I enjoyed my time creating the graphics, I struggle knowing determining how many word I wanted in the actual post versus the caption. I would often make this really cool and informative graphic and then realize that I had no information left for the caption.

My biggest surprise while working on this assignment was the lack of professionalism and consistency on my personal account. When determining where I was going to post the content I created I reviewed my personal account unfit and decided to start from square one on a new professional Instagram.

Moving forward, I would like to be the social media coordinator for the organization I’m working for. I think that I have a knack for creating this type of content and would love to use the strategies I’ve learned in different types of content like videos, Instagram stories and live streams.

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