Puppy Promo

Multimedia Production

As the end of the semester neared, I was presented with the final assignment for my Multimedia Production course: the Video Storytelling Project. While searching for newsworthy events happening on the UW campus that I could potentially cover, I stumbled upon the last Puppy Play Date of the school year.

The UW Wellness Center hosts a ton of events to help students manage their overall wellbeing. This includes physical, mental and emotional wellness. One of their most popular events of the semester is the Puppy Play Date. Certified therapy dogs are brought into Coe Library where they await cuddles, pets and kisses from dog loving students.

Given that college kids will use about any excuse to procrastinate during finals week, I figured the event would have a good turnout. I’m also a huge lover of dogs so it didn’t really feel like I was working on an assignment while collecting content for the video. This event’s lighthearted and fun nature made it perfect for this project! Although next time I think I would have done a pre-puppy and post-puppy interview with someone to promote and showcase the effectiveness of the event.

Going into it, I was excited for the challenge of combining all of the different skills I learned throughout the semester: interviewing, audio storytelling, using effective visuals. The list goes on! Something that was very helpful to me while shooting the video was the overall mood that came with the anticipation of playing with the dogs. This positive vibe made it easier to approach people for interviews and get the information I needed for the assignment.

My main struggle in the process was trying to upload the video to YouTube. I attempted to do it directly from iMovie, but had no luck. After a few google searches I found my way and got the video on the web! Something I was surprised by was the simplicity of iMovie. I had created short videos using the program in the past, but had never added music or titles which ended up being a breeze!

In the future, I could see myself making promotional social media content for the company I’m working for. Additionally, I help to plan the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee’s anual award show and will undoubtably be able to implement some of what I’ve learned in this assignment to the event’s promotional video.

It was really awesome to see so many students smiling and laughing while interacting with the dogs in the midst of the chaos of school. I even found myself a little less stressed after playing with the pups!

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