Insta Promo


My professional instagram account: @jackieamcbridecomm

After hearing that we were able to create some digital media content to promote our past blog posts, I was thrilled! I’ve always enjoyed messing around on different online graphic generator, and now I was able to do it for an assignment!

Prior to this assignment, I had used Canva to create invitations and programs. As far as Instagram, i had never used it professionally, but regularly posted on a personal account.

I think consistency on an Instagram feed is really important from a promotional standpoint. Although I don’t follow this rule on my personal account, i know I take organizations that douse this tactic way more seriously. I implemented this strategy by making all of my posts use the same fonts and colors, but switched up the layout of the posts.

A look at my professional Instagram profile – the follower count could use some work!

Even though I enjoyed my time creating the graphics, I struggle knowing determining how many word I wanted in the actual post versus the caption. I would often make this really cool and informative graphic and then realize that I had no information left for the caption.

My biggest surprise while working on this assignment was the lack of professionalism and consistency on my personal account. When determining where I was going to post the content I created I reviewed my personal account unfit and decided to start from square one on a new professional Instagram.

Moving forward, I would like to be the social media coordinator for the organization I’m working for. I think that I have a knack for creating this type of content and would love to use the strategies I’ve learned in different types of content like videos, Instagram stories and live streams.

Jackie’s Top 5 Breakfast Spots in Laramie, WY


Since starting college, the quality of my weekend meals has degraded drastically. I find myself reminiscing on my mother’s Sunday morning breakfast almost weekly. That’s why I’ve resorted to hitting up Laramie’s breakfasts spots on a regular basis.

Most college students probably find themselves in the same situation as me: hungry and motherless. After resorting to someone else’s cooking, given your cooking abilities are as limited as mine, you’re faced with the decision of where to eat. 

As broke college students, the places we choose to spend our money must be worthwhile. There’s nothing worse than paying for overpriced food that doesn’t leave you satisfied. 

No fear! With this list of Laramie’s top five best breakfast spots and an interactive map to guide you on your quest for food, you won’t have to spend a fortune for a yummy plate. 

In addition to the convenience of knowing the best breakfast joints, the options this map features will ease the stress of finding a table for Sunday brunch. If one restaurant’s wait is too long, there are four other great places within a 6 mile radius. 

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to get brunch and been told there’s 45 minute wait. I’m hungry now!” said UW student Faith Waitsman. 

Breakfast Taco's
One of 17th Street Cafe’s more popular menu items, breakfast tacos wait to be devoured. Photo courtesy of 17th Street Cafe.

17th Street Cafe is the ultimate spot for breakfast in Laramie. Their menu features the classic breakfast staples like pancakes and bacon, but the true gold is found in their breakfast quesadilla. Served with homemade green chili, the quesadilla is plenty big to feed two people – major bang for your buck! The cafe is also conveniently located right across the street from the dorms on the UW campus.

Image result for prairie rose laramie
The iconic pink Prairie Rose sign sits above the entrance, where hungry customers enter. Photo courtesy of Yelp.

Prairie Rose, my mom’s personal favorite (which says something), is a smaller restaurant in downtown Laramie. I’ve always appreciated the restaurant’s offering of coffee while you wait, but the hospitality doesn’t stop there. The service is top notch and so is the food; although, if you want a cinnamon roll, you should consider getting there sooner than later. The sweet pastries are well known around town and often sell out by 11am. 

Image result for turtle rock cafe laramie
Customers chat and relax outside of Turtle Rock Cafe, enjoying the sunshine. Photo courtesy of LaramieChamber Business Alliance.

If you’re more into coffee shops than full on restaurants, Turtle Rock is perfect for you. The outdoor seating is lovely in the spring in summer, but the inside is a peaceful environment as well. Their seasonal specialty drinks go well with the scrambler bowls. Being coined a coffee shop doesn’t reflect the quality of their food, as they go way above and beyond Starbuck’s muffins and scones.

Image result for chuckwagon laramie wy
A customer favorite, Eggs and Muffins, is plated for a hungry customer at the Chuckwagon is Laramie, Wyoming. Photo courtesy of The Chuckwagon.

The Chuckwagon gives me serious cowboy vibes, highly appropriate for any UW student. The inviting barn-like exterior matches the homey feel of the inside. Chuckwagon’s overall feel extends to the breakfast, all of their food tastes home cooked in the best way possible. 

“The breakfast burrito at Chuckwagon is to die for,” said Waitsman.

Image result for the grounds internet and coffee lounge
A seating area in The Grounds sets a comfy mood for customers in Laramie, Wyoming. Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor.

The Grounds, similar to Turtle Rock, is a great study/breakfast combination spot. I love the iced white chocolate mocha with a blueberry scone. Many customers like to play the complimentary board games for a study break or post breakfast activity.

Laramie has some undeniably delicious breakfast joints, but these top five offer the best quality food for great prices. Next time you’re missing your mom’s cooking and want a great meal grab a friend and chow down.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, thankfully Laramie kills it in the breakfast department,” Waitsman said.